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BibleWalks on ESPN

24 September 2011

ESPN is airing a new film “Catching hell” on Sep 27, 2011 at 8pm. Matt McDonald, the film’s producer, has used one of our illustrations in this film to explain the meaning of “scapegoating” in Sports.

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Jerusalem Light Show

13 June 2010

An amazing light & sound show is operating in the old city of Jerusalem. The Light festival is running from June 9 through June 13 2010, and includes dozens of street shows around the walls of the city and inside its walls. . . See a sample of the light works in our special page. [...]

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BibleWalks goes to Broadway

24 February 2009

A year ago the theater projection designer, Alex Koch, incorporated our photo of the western wall as part of a video presentation of an Off-Broadway Theater show called “Irena’s Vow”. This play is set to the era of the World War II and is based on a true story of a Catholic Polish woman who [...]

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New Category – The Arts

24 February 2009

This new blog category is a group of posts that review books, theater plays and movies related to Biblical issues.

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Search for the source of “The Source”

20 February 2009

This article is contributed by Jack Elliott, a Historical Archaeologist, who writes about James Michener’s famous novel – “The Source”. Jack writes: Rotem – Here’s something I thought of years ago, but had no occasion to write up. However, given your website’s focus on sites of the Holy Land, I thought that it might be [...]

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BibleWalks in Ruth & Boaz play

3 January 2009


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Kings III Book Review

15 December 2008

A new book was recently published, which we highly recommend to our readers. The author of the book, Yochi Brandes (49), is an Israeli Bible teacher and lecturer who wrote several books and short stories on Biblical themes. Brandes wrote the new historical romance “Kings III” based on the Biblical events from the books of [...]

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