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New Daughter site (2)

5 March 2011

BibleWalks staff opened a new site – Israel Photo Store. The site displays selected images from Israel, either from the collection of, or additional photos from other photographers. The galleries will cover a wider range of subjects, such as birds and landscapes. The new site will offer a different way to view the sights [...]

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Biblical sites quiz

28 August 2010

A new topic was added in BibleWalks – Biblical sites quiz. The first game is about the sites of Elijah the prophet. You need to navigate thru 3 sites in order to get to the “Treasure chest”. . . Check it out – play the Sites of Elijah quiz. . .

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Top 100 Israel sites

1 November 2009

A new web page was added by BibleWalks staff – Israel top sites. The list counts the popularity of web sites in israel, including our internal sites. The link is: Top Sites of israel You can join this list and add your site.

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Karmi’el – Special featured area

27 June 2009

During June 2009 we focused on the region of Beit-Kerem, a valley between the West Galilee and Upper Galilee. Most of these sites are centered in Karmi’el, one of the prettiest cities in Israel. During the Byzantine period (5th-7th C) the area of western Galilee was mostly populated by Christians. The area within the municipal [...]

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Georgia’s 5-Cross National flag

12 August 2008

Ancient Symbols in the National Flag Recent scenes of the clashes between Russian and Georgian forces show the Georgian National flag, a white flag with 5 red crosses. This post examines the Georgian National flag and finds relevance to symbols and sites that are featured in BibleWalks web pages. . 5 red crosses The 5 [...]

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Bahai Gardens named UNESCO World Heritage Site

11 August 2008

The two Bahai Gardens in Haifa and Acre have been named on July 8 as UNESCO World Heritage site. (1) Haifa Golden Shrine . The following photo shows a view of the Bahai Golden Shrine and Gardens on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The tomb of the Bab, the forerunner of the Baith faith, is [...]

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New daughter Website

25 January 2008

BibleWalks staff are preparing a new Christian web site that focuses on the life of Jesus. It offers a pictorial presentation of the 100 events in the last 1000 days. The material is arranged in the order of the sequence of these events, where each page is one of the 100 events. The visitor can [...]

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One small step

13 August 2007

This story was told by Sima, a teacher and tourist guide. During a tourist guide training course she heard from Archaeologist Meir Ben Dov, the excavator of the Temple mount and southern walls in Jerusalem, this story about former astronaut Neil Armstrong. Mr Armstrong, the first man on the moon, apparently became more religious after [...]

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Welcome to BibleWalks blogs

9 May 2007

Hi Today we started to operate the BibleWalks blogs. The blog page contains a set of articles, news items and reports – related to the topics of our web site – Holy Land Biblical sites review. Enjoy! Rotem Webmaster

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