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Search for the Swine

25 September 2009

Ed Prior, a NASA retiree, has been doing research into some mysteries of early Christianity. He has been fascinated with the question: “where along the Sea of Galilee Jesus and his disciples landed before their encounter with Legion and the herd of pigs (Mark 5, Luke 8)”. The Biblical verses (Mark 5 1-14) described this [...]

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Kings III Book Review

15 December 2008

A new book was recently published, which we highly recommend to our readers. The author of the book, Yochi Brandes (49), is an Israeli Bible teacher and lecturer who wrote several books and short stories on Biblical themes. Brandes wrote the new historical romance “Kings III” based on the Biblical events from the books of [...]

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New category – Religion

9 May 2007

This new blog category is a group of posts that relate to religious subjects.

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