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Catostrophic fire on Mt Carmel

3 December 2010

A huge brush fire raged through the forest areas of Mt Carmel south of Haifa, killing or wounding dozens of people, burning thousands of acres and many houses. Before nightfall, the fire fighters lost control on the fierce fire. After a month without rain, the dry forest land easily caught up in fire, which spread [...]

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Via maris markers project

29 September 2009

Via Maris (Way of the Sea, “Derech Hayam”) was one of the main ancient trade routes that crossed the Holy Land from North to South, dating from the Bronze age. It linked Egypt with the northern empires of Syria, Mesopotamia and Anatolia. The road mostly followed the Mediterranean coastline, and so was named after the [...]

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Karmi’el – Special featured area

27 June 2009

During June 2009 we focused on the region of Beit-Kerem, a valley between the West Galilee and Upper Galilee. Most of these sites are centered in Karmi’el, one of the prettiest cities in Israel. During the Byzantine period (5th-7th C) the area of western Galilee was mostly populated by Christians. The area within the municipal [...]

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Dead Sea – save it from Dying

11 December 2008

The Dead Sea is a large salt lake, located on the eastern side of the Holy Land, and the lowest point on the surface of the earth. It is called “Dead Sea” since its its waters are ten times more saltier than the Mediterranean sea, making life almost impossible. In the Bible it is referred [...]

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New Category – Conservation of sites

11 December 2008

Conservation – This category groups the posts that are related to conservation of Biblical sites, a sort of “save the planet” blog which is related to ancient sites in the Holy Land. The posts include campaigns to save the sites, including construction of educational archaeological parks.

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Beit She’an Nights – “Best show in town”

19 October 2008

An amazing multimedia multi-sensory night tour has been recently being launched in the national park of ancient Beit She’an. The 3M$ project is the first of its kind in the world in an archaeological site, and the 4th largest in the world. Tell Beit Shean (BethShean) was a major Biblical city, located in the center [...]

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Plans of a resort Hotels complex in Timna park

14 October 2007

There are plans to build a large private resort hotels complex inside the Timna park, 25Km north of the city of Eilat, on the southern tip of Israel. These plans might have a negative effect on this wonderful park, changing its landscape forever. The Timna park has a rare mix of outstanding nature and geology [...]

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Atlit – Ancient site razed

12 June 2007

Atlit is a town on the shores of Mount Carmel, and is known for its Crusaders castle. The purpose of this castle, called “Castellum Peregrinorum” (castle of the pilgrims), was to protect the pilgrims road along the coast from Acre to Jerusalem, and to add another port for the Crusaders in addition to their main [...]

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Archaeology Educational Garden in Migdal Haemek

11 May 2007

In September 2006 BibleWalks wrote in the Migdal Haemek site a call for constructing an archaelogy park: “…We hope the City of Migdal Haemek will arrange this site as an archaeological park, since it will be relatively easy to arrange a staircase and paths through the sets of these ancient installations, which are concentrated in [...]

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