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Plans of a resort Hotels complex in Timna park

14 October 2007

There are plans to build a large private resort hotels complex inside the Timna park, 25Km north of the city of Eilat, on the southern tip of Israel. These plans might have a negative effect on this wonderful park, changing its landscape forever.

The Timna park has a rare mix of outstanding nature and geology displays, such as the mushroom and “Solomons pillars”, and unique historical sites of ancient Egyptian copper mining from the times of the Exodus.

Timna park: The mushroom

You can read more about these plans and optionally sign a petition to “stop the bulldozers” at a special link that was recently opened (in Hebrew): Click here for petition site .
Check this On Dec 8, 2007 there will be a special event at the site to protest the project.

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