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Dead Sea scrolls – Exhibition

7 December 2007

We highly recommend to visit the Dead sea scrolls exhibition in San Diego. It features a display of several real scrolls, a pictorial exhibition of the Holy Land, and a virtual reality reconstruction of Qumeran (amazing!).

There are a few days left – it was extended until Jan 6, 2008, so hurry!

For more info: Exhibition web site

Dead Sea scrolls exhibition in San Diego

The exhibition is very crowded, attracting thousands over the weekend. I hope they extend the exhibition for another half year… its one of the best shows on earth.

Two Holy Land exhibitions at the same place: While you are there, visit also another exhibition in the same Balboa Park center: “Journey to the Copper Age- Archeology in the Holy Land”. This exhibition, featured in the Museum of Man, tells the story of the copper mining in Jordan and Israel.
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